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Thai Language and Education Centre

The Thai Language and Education Centre provides; Thai Language courses, from Introductory to Advanced, in both Spoken and Written Thai.

Local courses in Sydney

Liaison for business - establishing relationships in Thailand.

Cultural training & reference - preparing individuals or groups before visiting or working in Thailand.


Group courses and private tuition is available throughout the year, near Town Hall, Sydney and other venues.
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I write to thank you for your expertise in teaching me the Thai language through both group and private tuition over the past couple of years.  During this time I have found your professionalism, teaching experience, and understanding of the Thai language structure to be unquestionable. 

Your teaching experience is very noticeable in the way you use various teaching methods, interact with students in the class environment, and, both structure and present private lessons to me in a way that suits my style of learning.

It is a pleasure to learn under your tutorage and I thank you for the knowledge you have given me.

Kind Regards,   Diane MCaringbah

Thai for Beginners
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This course is designed for students who have no prior knowledge of Thai.  The emphasis is on basic communication in everyday life situations, survival skills and introducing Thai culture  for beginners.  The course will learn how to greet people, with basic questions and answers, numbers, shopping, and ordering food and drinks.

Winter Term (August—September, 2018) 


Classes are available in Sydney city and Northern locations.

Autumn term classes commence in August - see details below

Available on weekdays evening, starting at 6.30 pm.

Places are limited

For course and enrolment details please contact:

Email   info@thailec.com
0401 345 743


Thai for Intermediate

Thursday 9th August to 27th September 2018 (8 week course)

This course is designed for students who have mixed experience, from survival/post-beginning Thai

to intermediate level, or who have completed at least twelve terms (220 -240 hrs) in classes at ThaiLEC or equivalent of recent face to face tuition, and would like to further develop their skills.  The

course will continue to consolidate your all round skills.  The emphasis is on communication skills, in

both formal and informal situations, and in everyday life in Thailand.  It will include current affairs, grammar structure, sharing and expressing opinions through travelling experiences in Thailand.                                            

I wish to recommend your teaching and express my good fortune in being taught the Thai language through both your group sessions and private lessons for a period of more than two (2) years.

The methods you employ in teaching and the time you devote to each of your students within the group classes is most appreciated. The learning experience delivered provides the opportunity for your students to embrace the learning of both the Thai language and the culture of Thailand in a comprehensive way.  You encourage the exploration of the language and culture in a positive and proactive environment and with an enthusiasm which emboldens the student with the confidence to tackle the language with gusto.

Your extensive teaching materials cover a spectrum of topics and activities and are delivered in a variety of media. All materials provide a thorough grounding in the language from the basic level through to more advanced language levels.

Attending any of your lessons is a highlight in a busy week for this student and for all students within the classes I have been fortunate enough to have participated in.

Many thanks,   Mat Anderson.